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June 1, 2018

Dear Corian Certified Fabricator,
As you are aware, the Corian® Design business recently launched a new adhesive formulation that is being introduced through a rolling change.  Feedback has indicated that the new adhesive is different from the past formulation; specifically, it does not flow into gaps as the prior formulation did.  This difference is a characteristic of the new formulation; therefore, application must be to the edge of the parts to be joined instead of applying on top of the gap between parts.
Additionally, there have been several reports of uneven and/or incomplete cure.  After conducting testing, Corian Design believes this to be the result of incomplete mixing of the applied bead of adhesive.
CLICK HERE for a PDF that explains the proper application procedure to ensure Corian Joint Adhesive is applied properly and will deliver the benefits of added strength, reduced requirement for seam supports and improved cure time.

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