E-Mail Blast

Do you have special offers, upcoming events, or company information you want to share with customers or prospects? By sending an email blast, you can reach thousands of people at once and get a faster response than you would through most other marketing campaigns.

Customize your message and maximize your return on investment with an email blast. The Fabricator Network is dedicated to the countertop industry.  Our members are fabricators, vendors and manufacturers with a focus on countertops and surfacing industry. Let us deliver your message directly to companies who need your products and services.

With the FabNet "E-Mail Blast", you have the ability to control the content and get it delivered at the lowest cost.  Review our rates below.  FabNet sponsors and advertisers can get their message delivered for as low as 12 cents per recipient.


FabNet Sponsor/Advertiser Rates

Non Sponsor/Advertiser Rate

Single Delivery Frequency Discount (2 or more) Single Delivery



*Current FabNet website Sponsors/Advertisers receive lower rates than non-Advertisers. If you sign up for standard web advertising at the same time, take advantage of the preferred rates.



  • Only text, JPG and GIF images are allowed.
  • Flash, Rich Media, Image Maps and Javsacript are not available in e-mail products.
  • Subject lines contain no more than 12 words or 15 characters.  ALL CAPITALS are not accepted.
  • Links to PDF, Word Documents or other non-traditional "web page" links within an e-mail MUST be clearly identified.
  • There MUST be a call to action above the first 400 pixels (height) of the e-mail.
  • 600 pixel with maximum.
  • 100K maximum file size.
  • Text versions should be no more than 10K and may not include any image files.
  • Single image link ads are not recommended.  HTML email should be a combination of text and images.
  • Full image paths in the code must be used (ex: http://www.yoursite.com/graphics/graphic1.jpg).
  • Spam checker will be performed on all emails.  Changes will be recommended based on the results of the report.