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Integra Adhesives

We are a manufacturer of 5 main high performance adhesive products for the fabrication of Solid Surface, both Engineered and Natural Stone, and Composites. Integra is available from many distributors across North America and can also be purchased direct from the factory by certified fabricators. We offer the most accurate color matches with over 200 available adhesive colors and unparalleled customer service. Give us a call and speak with one of our adhesive experts.


For subcontractors who manage job information with whiteboards, spreadsheets and file folders, Moraware JobTracker will revolutionize the way you run your business. JobTracker is software that puts all the information your employees need at their fingertips.

Wesley Tools

Wesley Tools Ltd. is dedicated to providing the countertop, home furnishing, cabinetry and woodworking industry, the finest in carbide tooling. We carry carbide tipped, solid carbide (CNC Tooling), saw blades and power tools. We also specialize in having the exact bowl bit you need for under mount sink fabrication for nearly all manufacturers.

Staron Surfaces

Staron® product lines currently include Staron® Solid Surfaces and Radianz® Quartz. Staron® Solid Surfaces are a versatile, acrylic decorative surfacing material that have multiple commercial uses and are a popular countertop material in home construction and remodeling. The manufacturing process for Staron® Solid Surfaces have been certified by ISO 9002, the international quality assurance system, and by ISO 14000, the international environmental management system.

Solid Surface.com


SolidSurface.com offers discount solid surface material, sinks, adhesives, and other related industry products. Sheet material types includes premium grade, overstocked, discontinued, b-grade, and partial surplus sheets made by leading manufacturers such as Corian®, Gibraltar, Avonite, Hi-Macs, Formica, Staron and Meganite. Surplus sheets come from fabricators’ excess supply from around the country.

Dovae Solid Surface

Dovae Solid Surface

Chemcore Industries Inc. is the manufacturer/distributor of DOVAE Solid Surface, available in 120 colors and designs. Chemcore sells direct to fabricators eliminating distributor markups. Chemcore is also one of the largest sink wholesalers in the country, with same day shipping of over 20,000 acrylic, stainless, copper, nickel, granite, and porcelain sinks.

Glue Warehouse

Glue Warehouse

With 8 fully stocked warehouse locations nationwide, Glue Warehouse provides next day delivery and free shipping to most addresses in the United States. We have partnered with IPS Weld-On® to offer our flagship product Seam-It™. This exclusive acrylic adhesive, formulated to our specifications, matches all major colors of the most popular brands of solid surface.

Karran Sinks

Karran Sinks

We are Karran USA, the exclusive national importer and nationwide distributor of Karran acrylic solid surface sinks, stainless steel sinks and quartz sinks. We import containers of sinks directly from our factories in South Africa, Europe and the Far East, and warehouse them in our 50,000 square foot distribution center, centrally located in southern Indiana.

Gemstone Logo


Gemstone solid surface is a manufacturer of sinks, bowls, vanity tops and other shaped products. Our products are dual listed UL / CSA and NAHB certified. Centrally located in Elkhart, IN., U.S.A. we have a national distribution network and can ship product in 5 – 10 working days or less.

 Artisan Adhesives Artisan Adhesives

Artisan Adhesive was built on the voices of fabricators, resulting in a company dedicated to superior quality, great service and unmatched pricing.  Specializing in high quality adhesive products for the surfacing industry, we deliver premium grade quality at a better price.  Visit our website or give us a call to see what Artisan Adhesive can do for you.


ConfiAd®, surface solutions supply surfacing adhesives in 90 premium quality colors to match major brands of solid surface and quartz. ConfiAd® professional grade stone care products are now in stock for all granite and marble applications.  We have now turned this passion and resources toward solid surfaces.  We have high expectations of benefiting many of our customers who work with ConfiAd solid surfaces.

Cohui Adhesives

Cohui Adhesives

COHUI, a global brand of professional surfacing adhesive manufacturer and distributor, endeavors to be the industry leader by providing uncompromising quality, technologically superior products and dependable services. Awarded as the The Top Surfacing Industry (Best) Brands of Raw Materials Suppliers by CASA, as China's "Top Global Surfacing Adhesive Brands”in 2013. We are dedicated to offer innovative and superior quality adhesive and solutions to meet our customers’ needs and maximize value of your products.

Allstar Products

Allstar Products

Successful Miter Fold applications follow two principles. Rule One: V Groove Tape requires a flexible, but u-n-s-t-r-e-t-c-h-a-b-l-e backing. Excess elongation permits loss of definition to the V-fold line, as well as promoting glues and epoxies leeching to the finished side. Rule Two: “Different Strokes (Adhesive Coatings) for Different Folks (Acrylic, Polyester & blends thereof)”.

Federal Brace

Federal Brace

Federal Brace is the leader in design and production of designer countertop supports, brackets and corbels. We make supports particularly designed to provide a durable, strong support for countertop applications. These are not standard store bought brackets. All our products are manufactured in the USA to ISO9001 quality standards. We use the highest quality materials and detailed craftsmanship to produce our unique countertop support products.

Marble Institute of America

Marble Institute of America

For over 65 years the Marble Institute of America (MIA) has been the world's leading information resource and advocate for the natural dimension stone industry. MIA members include: marble, granite, limestone, sandstone, and other natural stone producers and quarries, fabricators, installers, distributors, and contractors around the world.

Artisan Sinks Logo 

Artisan Sinks

Artisan sinks and faucets work in even the most demanding settings. The range of sizes and configurations, the extra deep bowls for handling extra large pans, and the variety of faucet styles allow you to create the right workplace for your style of living. The proprietary V-Therm ShieldTM provides superior sound deadening and greater thermal retention on many models.

20/20 Technologies

20-20 Surfaces

20-20 Technologies introduces business management software for fabricators, home centers and dealers. This software solution handles estimate generation, orders, drawings and job schedules in one seamless system. 20-20 Surfaces creates a virtual file system that stores all customer and project information for web or intranet-based access by your employees or customers.