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The inlay material comes in a standard two part tube such as solid surface adhesive. This makes it easy to use and very clean in applying. No mixing is required as the cartridge takes a standard MCX style mix tip.

The manufacturer suggests routing the material 1/8” or deeper. Use this product as you would with any inlay liquid. All processes are the same. Curing time is a bit quicker than most of your inlay epoxies.

We were able to work with it after letting harden for three hours.  The only thing we did not like was that the material was quite a bit thicker in consistency making it impossible for air bubbles to escape.  Even though you apply it with a mix tip some air still gets trapped. However, we only got a few bubbles that needed to be filled.

During finishing it has a built in heat sensor, if you start to generate too much heat, it starts to glow. The material finishes to the same sheen as the surrounding material, so it has a nice even finish to the entire piece. If you are looking for something with the “wow” factor to show customers, this is pretty hard to beat.

Overall it is very nice product that is easy to use without the mess of typical inlay fill epoxy.  If you make the mistake of producing house number signs as a demo be prepared to make a whole lot of them because people just love em. 

The Fabricators Network would like to thank Vistas Group International and Tower Industries for donating their one of a kind product. All information on the inlay material and other Lumistone products are available online at  .  Also, thanks to Norm Walters with Norm Walters Construction for getting everything together.

About the Author: John Cristina is the Solid Surface Production Manager at Sahara Cabinets Fort Myers, Florida. John can be reached at . Visit Sahara Cabinets at

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