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Bleeding a Butane Hot Glue Gun could give bring it back to life.  Is your butane hot glue gun not heating up as fast as it used to, or not maintaining the proper temperature?
One of the reasons this happens is because butane refills have air mixed in with the butane gas. Over time the air builds up in the glue gun causing it to not function properly.
Before you refill your butane gun next time, take a small screwdriver, or other small tool and push the fill valve on the glue gun down to bleed the air out of it.  You will hear the air releasing, it can actually take up t three minutes to release it all. When you think all the air has been released, put your ear closer to the glue gun to ensure that it has all been released, while pushing the valve down with the screwdriver. (Screwdriver does not have to be pink to work)

Refill the glue gun with butane and you should notice a dramatic difference in the performance. Bleed the air out of the glue gun before each refill from then on.




About the Author: Norm Walters is the owner and operator of Norm Walters Construction, Inc. in Tampa Florida that specializes in Residential Home Remodeling, Solid Surface fabrication and installation. Norm can be reached at  . Visit his website

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