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Date: August 10, 2006


ETemplate Photo Digital Measuring System is IWF 2006 Challengers Award® Finalist

ETemplate Photo™, a comprehensive 3-D digital measuring system for the woodworking industry has been selected as one of 22 finalists from a field of 96 entrants for this year’s Challengers Award®. For 40 years the award has been gone to companies at the International Woodworking Machinery & Furniture Supply Fair that stand out with innovative developments and improvements to the woodworking industry.

ETemplate Photo™ utilizes digital photography as its measurement medium. It uses the proven methodology of triangulation (which is the same technology used by GPS systems and laser guided missiles) to accurately measure construction spaces. Not only does it provide the craftsman with highly accurate “as-built” measurements, it completes the most complex jobs with an air of simplicity that cannot be obtained with any other means of measuring. The system was first developed for the countertop industry and, was introduced in 2001. It is now in its eighth upgrade and has evolved to measure a wide array of applications.

The dimensional data collected by ETemplate is directly compatible with all CAD and CAM systems using the industry standard geometry file format DXF. With the use of digital photography, the information provided by ETemplate is “beyond measurements.” It includes a pictorial history of the jobsite. It automatically processes the data, provides an automatically generated CAD file in DXF format, and overlays the final CAD drawing, to scale, onto the original measurement photographs to view the design and fit before construction begins. The measurement photographs allow the user to extract measurements from any features seen in the photos.

ETemplate Photo™ is exclusive in its ability to provide full three-dimensional renderings, with a typical accuracy of +/- 1/32” over a contour of 12 feet. The finished CAD is fully CNC compatible and can also be printed, plotted, or cutout as a full-size template. This proven technology provides its users many benefits. These include a 60-90% reduction in field measuring time, a 10-20% savings in fabrication time, a 25-40% savings in installation time, and a 90+% reduction in rework. These savings are brought about because with the accuracy of ETemplate and all of the documentation it delivers, you will “CUT IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME.”

ETemplate Photo™ is ideal for companies who continuously have a need to measure complex spaces and shapes; those who fabricate architectural millwork, spiral staircases, stair railings, balconies, wall cladding, countertops, store fixtures, ceiling tiles, windows and doors, yacht and coach interiors, and much more. It is also ideally suited for spatial measuring and scribing rooms for case good layout. Manual measurement processes are very time consuming and suspect for accuracy, typically forcing manufacturing techniques that allow components to be field adjusted at the job site during installation, or require a lot of remanufacturing of components due to miss-measures and/or poor documentation of the jobsite.

ETemplate Systems is a division of Tri-Tech Solutions, Inc., Raleigh, NC, phone, 919-676-2244. Website is See them in IWF Booth # 4149.

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