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Federal Brace is releasing a new style of corbel, outfitted with one of their premium corbel support systems and with a decorative metal trim in order to modernize this very traditional look. Available in the Transitional Mission, Scroll Mission, Mission Signature, and Geneva styles, these corbels are cutting-edge. While stainless steel adornments give each piece a decorative emphasis, the weight-bearing Corbel Rib System gives each maple wood corbel hidden strength, providing a carrying capacity of 375 pounds per support. Each purchase includes all the fasteners and sealant needed for installation, making creating weight-bearing shelves, decorative mantels, or supporting countertop overhangs and range hoods as easy as it can possibly be. A simple installation, a complete look, personalizable with beautifully stainable maple, and a perfectly tied-together design—the all-in-one product to complete your two-toned, multi-finish look.

The Mission Signature profile is a statement style, standing at 18.5” tall and 5.75” in width and depth. It is sleek and has a fluted trim, and, with the added stainless steel decorative touch, creates a modern atmosphere when supporting mantels, range hoods, standing desks, and more. Meanwhile, the Scroll Mission is elegantly curved, providing more depth of support (7”) for up to a 12” overhang. This is ideal for wall-mounted desks, serving counters, and more.

The Transitional Mission, a contemporary piece that easily blends styles, is similarly proportioned, with 10” in height and 6.375” in depth. The Geneva is a graceful design, with soft curves and clean lines. Perfectly balanced, the Geneva stands at 12” in height, with an 8” width and a 5” depth. A spa reception counter, calming master bath, or clean, chef’s kitchen would be the perfect atmosphere for this piece, which embodies elegant strength.

In each profile, the stainless steel trim, when attached, elevates a traditional design to a modern centerpiece. Stain or paint the beautiful, unfinished maple to customize your installation and enjoy the perfect design.
Geneva Wood Corbel
with Stainless Steel Accents
SKU: 40450
Mission Signature Wood
Corbel with Stainless Steel Accents
SKU: 40451
Transitional Mission Wood
Corbel with Stainless Steel Accents
SKU: 40452
Scroll Mission Wood
Corbel with Stainless Steel Accents
SKU: 40453
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