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By Kelsey Crisp - The Hot Glue Gun review starts off with the PRO 200, a 250watt model by Adhesive Technologies, Inc. (Ad Tech). The gun arrived as we were leaving to template a job, so what better way to try one, than to plug it in on the job site. The PRO 200 comes with 2 stands, both attaching to the gun, either separately or together. The larger base stand was a very nice addition, provided a secure rest for the gun on the jobsite, and never interfered with the operation of the gun. We found the gun heated quickly, about 4 minutes.

Light yellow #610 was used for faster setting.  A Darker yellow stick #962 is available which provides enhanced adhesion. We quickly noticed the lack of the "stringy" spider webs that are common with most glue guns. There wasn't any, which provided for a cleaner no mess job. 

A  very comfortable grip, providing a four finger squeeze added to the ease of use.  We found the gun, which heats to 410º F provides enough power to continuously run an entire stick through the gun. The feed mechanism never slipped and provided glue on command.

The gun was checked for durability. It was dropped 12 times from a height of 3 feet, 12 additional times from 4 feet which simulated the occasional falling off a table. Only very minor surface marring was noticed, with no damage to the operation of the gun.

Even though AdTech lists this as their Standard duty, entry level glue gun with other models available, we found it way surpassed our expectations for both price and ease of use. This is a must have for any install truck or new shop setup or shop tired of paying over $100 for a gun.

The PRO 200 list for $59.00 (other models are available)

Glue Gun Features:

•  Best Grip, four finger trigger
•  250 watts  200 Watts
•  Removable non-drip nozzle
•  Two stands included: Stable platform stand and Retractable wire stand

Glue Sticks available: 20 lb cartons and 12 stick packs for $6.99
#610 Light yellow quickset glue
#962 Amber High performance

You can see the Ad-Tech Glue Gun at

About the Author:  Kelsey Crisp is the owner and operator of KC's Woodworking and Countertops.  He has been in the woodworking business since 1982 and solid surface business since 2002 and can be reached at .  His company  has been featured in Solid Surface Magazine

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