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Stone BiterLightweight and portable, the Piranha Stone Biter is designed to break stone like veneer stone, granite, flagstone, quartz, bricks, etc. from ½ inch to roughly 6 inches, at any angle.

Its portability makes it available on site and the ease in which it snaps stone eliminates the need for multiple tools, such as grinders, chisels and hammers.

It transforms a time-consuming job into a manageable task, making EVERY job fast and efficient with a consistent, professional edge.

The Piranha Stone Biter includes a 10’ hose and foot pedal, works with a pancake air compressor or shop air, and is great for:

• Granite Installers

• Landscapers

• Masons

• Rentals

For more detailed information on this product, please contact Christopher Cross at 720-291-4157 or 720-217-3411.

Email, or visit our new website, (offering product demonstration).

TC Industries Inc.’s products are proudly made in the U.S.A.

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