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Federal Brace is introducing a new line of Bathroom Vanity Supports including Hammam Lavatory Supports, Maiden Vanity Supports, and Sento Floating Vanity Supports!

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Hammom Lavatory Supports:

If you are looking to create your very own peaceful and luxurious bathroom getaway then this bracket is for you.  The Hammam Lavatory Support is a bracket designed to help you make this possible. The Hammam Lavatory Support should be mounted on the interior of the wall with the support arm extending out and under the vanity with as little visibility of the support as possible. Use two Hammam Lavatory Supports for a free floating vanity and one Hammam Lavatory Support for a corner mount vanity where the other side is supported by other means. The new Hammam Lavatory Supports come in 48 x 3 x .25 black steel and stainless steel.

Maidan Vanity Supports:

Named after a beautiful bathhouse built in the ancient Ottoman Empire, the Maidan Vanity Supports are sure to portray the elegance and charm you are looking to create in your modern-day bathroom. The Maidan Vanity Supports will not only add to the style of your bathroom, but they are also built for strength and can support any vanity you please. The Maidan Vanity Supports come in 22 x 18 x 7 brushed stainless and black steel. 

Sento Floating Vanity Supports:

The Sento Floating Vanity Supports, named after the Sento public bathhouses in Japan, are known for their inconspicuous style and strength.  The Sento Floating Vanity Supports should be mounted behind wall fascia and have two support arms extending out of the wall under a wall mounted vanity. If you are looking to install a floating vanity and you don't want the brackets to be seen then the Sento Floating Vanity Supports will be perfect. These vanity supports can be found in 18 x 20 brushed stainless steel and black powder coat painted steel. 

If you would like more information on these new bathroom vanity supports or would like to place an order please go to our website at or call (877) 353-8899 today.

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