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Wilsonart Introduces New 2012 Contract Collection
New Collection Mixes Distinctive Urban Quality with European Influence 

Wilsonart International introduces urban-inspired patterns, including abstracts, solids, woodgrains, stones and new pure metals as part of its 2012 Contract Collection.  Inspired by the gritty urban landscapes of lower Manhattan’s cobblestone streets and the honey-hued woodgrain flooring of old warehouses along Boston’s waterfront, the 2012 Contract Collection also includes a new “Soft Grain” finish that provides an abstracted matte wood tick to a variety of existing and new designs.  Six trends play center stage as inspiration for the colors, textures and new Collection graphics:
  • Urban Landscape and Ethical Consumerism:  People are moving out of the suburbs and into urban areas, giving new life to farmers’ markets and local sourcing, restaurants with gardens, even materials and color combinations inspired by nature.  Rather than openly “green,” new materials feature sustainable contents and more sophisticated appeal.
  • Rustic Glam:  This playful juxtaposition of distressed surfaces and glittery details is partnered with Industrial Chic – a layering of elements and influences that are distinctly modern.
  • Industrial Chic:  This trend works with all the others.  Exposed ductwork and pipes, original windows and brick are all part of the look with metal, concrete, brick and glass as surfaces of choice.
  • What’s Old Is New Again:  Not only are iconic pieces being reissued in new ways, but many salvaged materials are being reused.  A number of well-established brands are reintroducing classic ’50s and ’60s designs in strikingly 21st century interpretations.
  • Layering, Perforations and Tesselations:  Abstracts are inspired by repeating shapes found in nature, in architecture and in fashion.  The trend word for the day is “tessellation!”
  • Classic Revival:  White marble has been used for thousands of years for statuary and interior décor.  Carrara marble has experienced a remarkable revival residentially and commercially.  It also reflects the classic contrast of white and black, shown today with exciting pops of bright color.

"The distinctive, urban quality of the Collection was influenced by in-depth market research that helped us identify these key trends throughout the country,” notes Natalia Smith, senior product designer for Wilsonart.  “Even the influence of grey on color, and looks with layering and industrial materials are continually evolving in North America.  We also saw a rebirth of fun, retro, graphic approaches to design.  These combined influences helped us to create the new line and offer a breadth of durable, affordable and functional design options that meet customers’ needs.”

Wilsonart® Contract Collection Line Up

The new collection includes the following design categories:

Woodgrains – These 9 designs are available in Wilsonart Premium finishes including new #12-Soft Grain and fashionable #18-Linearity and #7-Textured Gloss:

933K-07              Cafelle

7964K-12              Skyline Walnut
7965K-12              Walnut Heights
7966K-12              5th Ave. Elm
7967K-12              Park Elm
7968K-12              Loft Oak
7969K-12              Warehouse Oak
7970K-18              High Line
7971K-12              Uptown Walnut

Abstracts and Solid Colors
– These 17 fresh looks are available with Wilsonart finishes including new honed/matte #55-Glaze and popular #60-Matte, #38-Fine Velvet and #18-Linearity:

D495-60                Coffee Bean
1869K-55              Salentina Argento
4933-38                Cream Fizz
4934-38                Aqua Fizz
4935-38                Berry Fizz
4936-38                Midway
4937-38                Pinball
4938-38                Arcade
4939K-18              Vapor Strandz
4940K-18              Astro Strandz
4941K-18              Cosmic Strandz
4942-38                Crisp Linen
4943-38                Classic Linen
4944-38                Casual Linen
4945-38                Organic Cotton
4946-38                Natural Cotton
4947-38                Raw Cotton

– These 19 stone-inspired designs hail from the sweeping rugged coast of Santorini, Greece to the stone piazzas in Italy and the sultry slate of the South African hills.  Designs mirror natural slate, travertine, concrete, marble and limestone in a variety of colors with a new textured finish “Glaze” to complement traditional, transitional and contemporary interiors:

1855K-55              Carrara Santorini
1856K-55              African Slate
1857K-55              Bengal Slate
1858K-55              Silver Travertine
1859K-55              Golden Travertine
1860K-55              Roman Limestone
1861K-55              Tuscan Limestone
1862K-55              Corinthian Limestone
1863K-55              Bainbrook Grey
1864K-55              Salentina Nero
1865K-55              Salentina Grigio
1866K-55              Salentina Rosso
1867K-55              Perla Piazza
1868K-55              Aged Piazza
4924-38                White Carrara
4925-07                Calcutta Marble
4926-07                Black Alicante
4928-38                Venetian Ivory
4930-38                Venetian Ale

Factory Specials
– These 16 designs are available by special order from the Wilsonart factory in Temple, Texas with a short, two-week lead time:

D12K-18               Regimental Red
D26K-18               Persian Blue
D90K-18               North Sea
D91K-18               Slate Grey
D354K-18             Designer White
D381-18                Fashion Grey
D403K-18             White Sand
D495K-18             Coffee Bean
1595K-18              Black (Linearity)
1595K-01              Black (High Gloss)
7919K-12              Amber Cherry
7937K-12              River Cherry
7943K-12              Colombian Walnut
7946K-12              Brazilwood
7957K-12              Zanzibar
7959K-12              Hampton Walnut

Metro Collection Metals:  Three anodized aluminum additions address the move toward more matte surfaces and the subtle surface characteristics that mirror time-worn and natural imperfections.  The slight tone and color variations, created with new alloy combinations, are deliberate yet show overall balance on each sheet.  Used as vertical accents, these pure Decorative Metals complement the 2012 Contract Collection Laminates:

6100 Matte Pewter        
6101 Matte Grey Bronze
6102 Matte Gunmetal Grey


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