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Formica Travertine GoldFormica Corporation, the inventor of high pressure laminate and the first to pioneer large-scale laminate design, introduces five new full-scale 180fx® patterns that reflect current homeowner preferences toward sweeping exotic granites and bold quartzites.

180fx® is closing the gap between real and faux,” said Bill Roush, director of communications at Formica Corporation. “Our exclusive advanced printing technology and premium finishes enable us to create exotic stone and granite 180fx® patterns with unmatched realism — from the pattern’s overall 5-foot span to its subtle reflective and tactile qualities. Homeowners can attain the look they desire with the added benefits of affordability, durability and ease of maintenance.”

Five New Patterns for 2012
For 2012, Formica Corporation expands its 180fx® Collection with five new lighter, more neutral options. The patterns feature the premium Etchings™ finish, a softly polished finish etched and dappled with highlights from tiny fissures reminiscent of those found in real granite and stone, or Radiance®, a high-gloss finish that is punctuated with texture and features holographic facets that refract and reflect light.

3420-46 Dolce Vita in Etchings™ finish: Dolce Vita is a large-scale exotic Italian granite featuring shades of off-white, gray and charcoal blended with just a hint of gray-based rose and dusky violet. The sweeping patterns are broken with fine white crystalline structures of quartz, while the Etchings™ finish deepens the color and sharpens the visual appeal. Dolce Vita coordinates with a variety of cabinet colors, from white to cherry to gray-toned browns.

3421-46 Bianca Luna in Etchings™ finish: Modeled after high-demand White Quartzite, Bianca Luna blends large and small white particulates to create a dense and bulky pattern with gray veining throughout. Subtle tones balance the white and gray, while the Etchings™ finish adds a slight gloss. Bianca Luna coordinates with all cabinet colors, but is an ideal match for white, gray, black and chocolate brown.

3422-RD Crema Mascarello in Radiance® finish: Mascarello, a striking, exotic granite from Brazil, was the inspiration behind the popular Golden and Antique Mascarello designs first introduced in the original 180fx® Collection in 2009. New for 2012

Crema Mascarello captures the detail and beauty of the original series with soft tones of white, off-white, taupe and warm gray. The Radiance® finish capitalizes on the fine quartz clusters of the pattern while adding dimensional sheen. Crema Mascarello harmonizes with warm cabinet colors, such as off-white, oak and coffee-glazed maple.

3423-46 Travertine Gold in Etchings™ finish: Reminiscent of a vein-cut travertine, Travertine Gold features alternating layers of cream and caramel with gray details. The Etchings™ finish adds depth and richness to the pattern’s warm tone. Travertine Gold coordinates with cabinet colors such as light maple and darker-stained woods.

3424-46 Nacarado in Etchings™ finish: Nacarado, a Brazilian Quartzite, translates from Spanish to “pearly” or “mother of pearl.” Our representation is a rich cream swirled with subtle veins of gold, rust and gray, as well as dramatic crystalline white veining for a pearl effect. The Etchings™ finish, with its fine fissures and subtle gloss, brings the details together. Nacarado, with its rich variety of color, coordinates with almost any cabinet color.

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