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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Look for Formica to debut its new 3cm material at the beginning of the year.  With a large solid surface manufacturer like Formica getting into the 3cm ring, are you prepared.

Formica 3cm - 1.jpg

Formica 3cm - 2.jpg

Is this thicker material going to be the wave of the future, or is this idea going to fizzle out.  It's something every solid surface fabricator, vendor and manufacturer needs to look at.

As fabricators, we need to determine if this will fit within our current offering.  Can this make you money?

Vendors will need to offer additional tooling.  Standard router bits just won't cut it anymore.  One obvious example is the drop into the sink.  A special bit will have to be manufactured to accomodate the additional thickness.

And last the other manufactures that are on the sidelines will have to decide if it is worth the capital investment to produce another line of product.

Wherever you are in the food chain, 3cm material isn't going away anytime soon.

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