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Hillbilly (Countryboy) Secrets Revealed
Last Post 18 Jun 2009 09:13 PM by Wags. 3 Replies.
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Lenny E
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17 Jun 2009 07:23 AM
    Hi All,

    This is meant as a self help column to help us all thru these dire economic times.

    But on the lighter side, lets start with a joke....First of all the discalimer....My parents and most relatives are from W VA, Gods Country..the finest people reside there.

    However due to Hollywood, and Northerners, it does have a negative heres the Jokes.

    What is the definition of foreplay in W VA.............

    Sis! Are you Awake?

    Why do you know the tooth brush was invented in W Va?

    If it was invented anywhere else, it would have been called the TEETH Brush. here it is .........HillBilly Secrets revealed.

    Topic 1..Gun Cleaning

    Dont Buy the Hoppes cleaners..too expensive..DOT 3 Brake just as good...and leaves no residue. Much Cheaper!

    Dont Buy the miltary high priced grease for the bolt (on bolt actions, or if cleaning your AK) high temp molybdemum auto grease//works just as well ( David G and those living up near the polar neeed to watch the oil and will freeze you action up solid if you dont choose correctly and use sparingly)

    Dont buy the Gun oil. buy .Light machine oil..its the same.

    Stay tuned for how to start a garden, how to turn kitchen scaps, newpaper etc into compost, how to salt cure a ham, how to make your own beer, grow your own tobacco, reload your own shells, etc etc, yada yada.

    Oh almost forgot, dONT BUY PATCHES to swab out the barrel...cut up an old bedsheet into the appropriate sized patches.

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    17 Jun 2009 04:59 PM



    Do hillbillies enjoy grilled cheese sandwiches? I'm getting hungry just thinking about 'em.



    Andy Graves


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    18 Jun 2009 06:15 AM
    Anything to save a nickel eh Lenny?

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    18 Jun 2009 09:13 PM

    After my recent trip riding down route 60 in WV I can attest to the great Americans they are. For about 50 miles, every house, every business, every pole had a flag flying. Every school had the kids lining the fence with flags and at the end in Rainelle the whole town turned out to welcome us. I should add that the day started with us riding onto the sidewalk in front of the state capital and the governor meeting us and taking the time to walk amoung us and talk. I was impressed by these "coal" folks from WV, real Americans.
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