IceStone sheet size
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Andy Graves


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07 May 2009 04:55 PM
    We just got our new price sheet from IceStone and I was blown away.  The slab size is only 52.5 x 96 which is small.  It forces you to go into a third slab due to the waste factor.

    Next shocker was the price.  It's between $40 - 82 for the material alone.  That does not include shipping, tax or markup.

    Ouch.  On the flip side, it sure does look nice.
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    07 May 2009 10:30 PM


    This is a good thing. Icestone is probably at manufacturing capacity and have priced accordingly.

    Now is not the time for fabricators to be bashful or intimidated. Mark it up and sell it high. This is the time to sell sizzle, not steak.

    Anything that keeps fabricators away from the $29.99 a foot crowd is a good thing.